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Pallet Box

Pallet Box
Pallet Box
Product Code:  QBB900
Size:  1050 x 1050 x 900


Transport your valuable goods in one our 100% recyclable cardboard pallet boxes or bulk bins. Our cost effective but super strong pallet boxes can hold one tonne static load and are export certified (containing no wood).

They can easily be handled by a standard forklift or pallet jack. We keep a large range of pallet bins in stock so we are able to supply within 24 hours.

We can also add windows, handholds or card board inserts or corner supports to increase stacking strength of a standard pallet box to protect the goods inside.

Note: Wooden pallet and pallet box lid not included. For display only.


Unit Type:  Box
Box Quantity: 1
Box price (inc. GST):  $26.00

     Item price (inc. GST):

 Number of Boxs:  

Total Items:

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 Pallet Box (P) QBB900 (P) 
Unit Type:  Pallet
Pallet Quantity:
Pallet price (inc. GST):  $1,840.00

Item price (inc. GST):

Number of Pallets:  

Total Items:

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