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free delivery of packing & removal boxes from Quick Brown Boxes Brisbane QLD

Not just the best packaging...
but the best packaging for the environment.

At Quick Brown Box we believe that good environmental performance is good for our business. When you order your boxes from us it’s not only good for your wallet, but it’s good for the planet.

The Facts

  • Our corrugated packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Our boxes are closed using water soluble adhesive rather than metal staples – not only safer for children and inquisitive pets, but it means they are totally biodegradable without compromising strength.
  • Paper based packaging is 100% recyclable and close to 70% of paper and board packaging is recycled.
  • We only use cardboard raw material suppliers committed to recycled content that can help you save money, assist in compliance with legislation and win customer approval for environmental responsibility.

The environment is a factor in every business decision we make at Quick Brown Box, with benefits ranging from more efficient use of resources, to cost control and the competitive edge that comes with being known as an environmentally sound company.

For example, we are currently looking at a range of environmentally-friendly bubble wrap products. These products are designed to breakdown after a year by interacting with moisture, bacteria, oxygen and water.

Quick Brown Box has a cost effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution for you.